Daniel - A Michelin 2 stars restaurant located at upper east side.

It is upscale but unqualified to be listed on my all-time recommended top 10 restaurants, or maybe out of top 20. Even though, Daniel is still one of the best French restaurants in Manhattan no doubt.

Inside Daniel.

Yes, it's indeed romantic, and of course, elegant.

Mostly, Daniel is quieter than other fine restaurants with the same semi-crowded layout by its formal atmosphere. You might naturally reduce your volume.

Good Service.
Waiters follow S.O.P. 95%, as smiling robots. However, I don't consider it gorgeous. Some senior staffs are slightly arrogant - the higher position, the loftier manner. This is not easy to be detected, but somehow you can smell it. Anyway, they are all well-trained pretending to be friendly and modest.

Joining a formal French banquet at Daniel, there's a serious dress code. Even you've got an rich'n bald dad named Trump, do not wear jeans and cap here.
For men, jacket is required. (*Sometimes in summer you might forget to grab it from home. Don't panic, customers can always rent one from restaurant. Hope you love that magician look.) It has to be "stuck" on you at all time.

Food here is amazing.
Typical contemporary French cuisine which is...um...very French. Nowadays, many French chefs use oriental elements for various purposes. Sometime it tastes like Chinese food while you get a "Thai food" answer from your waiter.
Although the black miso sauce on scallop rosette makes it kinda Japanese, overall, Chef Daniel Boulud did a great job, especially the outstanding braised short ribs. Desserts are nice as well, no matter fragrant hazelnut mousse or impressive madeleine.

Daniel has won Wine Spectator's Grand Award since year 2002 by their great wine collections of Burgundy and Bordeaux. 2,5000 bottles inventory with 1,800 selections.

This is good for some main drug dealers, Hollywood movie stars, famous hip-hop rappers, and property tycoon sons of bitches who spend money as easy as taking dumps. Fortunately, it also provides its own private label wines in pairing plan which are not that stupid over-priced recently during its 15th anniversary. This is THE REASON Daniel becomes worth to be recommended immediately.

$98 exclude tax and tip ( Approx. $300 for everything include coffee and tea for a couple ) for 3 courses with 3 glasses of wine pairings featuring new favorites and classic Daniel dishes of last decade. Portions are big enough, desserts are luxuriant. Definitely a bargain.

You can now experience a basic Michelin dinner night with whoever you wanna woo. Don't hesitate to ask for 15th anniversary celebration menu when a greedy waiter brings you the regular one. It will be provided from Monday to Thurday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm through Sep. 2009.

After this event, temporary put Daniel aside. Unless you are willing to pay extra for the beautiful renaissance interior. By the way, Chih-Chung Chen had been to this place with his wife, Jui-Ching Huang, on Thanksgiving 2006. I hope that is not a minus.

Mon-Thu, 5:45pm-11pm; Fri-Sat, 5:30pm-11pm; Sun, closed

60 E. 65th St., New York, NY 10021


Prices Range:

Payment Methods:
American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa


Dinner only

Daniel Boulud

Wine Strengths:
Burgundy, Bordeaux

Wine Pricing:

Wine Selections:

Wine Inventory:

Wine Director:
Daniel Johnnes

Philippe Marchal

Official Website


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新聞圖片中的女士為Georgette Farkas,任職於"Daniel",擔任公關工作。

Kailean 提到...

你用英文寫的文章還是一樣好笑 :D

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ai+B 提到...

I visited there 2008 and that was one of the most expensive/ not that special dinners I ever had [ set menu1200 USD per person].
I recall that I send one black truffle fish back to the kitchen because of the blood vein.


DRE 提到...

For a 1200 USD prefix, I'll send it back because the fish is dead.

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